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We specialize in traditional carpentry and fine craftsmanship in Victoria BC. We design, build and renovate buildings and structures that are durable and authentic at a good value.

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Green island builders is a small and local company with a long tradition of quality carpentry and fine craftsmanship. Since the founding of our company in 2005, we have taken great pride in our satisfied customers.


Backed by many years of experience in carpentry and construction, we offer our customers versatile solutions; helping them from start to finish on every project. We also pride ourselves on providing environmentally-friendly solutions by limiting our travel time and utilizing reclaimed materials whenever possible. At Green Island Builders, you will find only the highest quality products. We readily incorporate your ideas and needs into each project, provide you with examples and guide you through the decision-making process.

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We are committed to a standard of excellence in all aspects of our operation. Our staff is small and we manage only a couple of projects at a time, ensuring each one is turned out to our highest standards.


A skilled craftsman by trade, Martin Scaia has over 25 years of carpentry experience.

After completing a masters degree in environmental education, Martin's work at Green Island Builders was driven by his social and environmental commitment to his community and the world we share.

He believes that working to a high standard of excellence is not only essential in leading a satisfying and rewarding life but that it is a critical part of meeting the personal and professional requirements of making a difference in contemporary society.

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You can trust green island builders to handle your carpentry needs with professionalism, care and dedication. Leave it to us to install your flooring, crown molding, wainscoting, doors and trim, cabinetry, framing and more.

Get in touch with Green Island Builders to discuss your carpentry project  or  250 812 9743